Here’s Hoping For Less Of Chadwick Moore


Humans aren’t inherently political. People want to eat, drink, be clothed, use a toilet with maybe a roof over their heads, sleep under that same roof. We all want our basic needs met. From that baseline, we may branch out to scratch social and sexual itches, especially the young folks. Everyone is entitled to explore these opportunities, which often involve congregating at locations like watering holes, ice cream socials, or dancehalls. All citizens should have the right to gather at fun spots without the risk of being gunned down by an individual with a documented history of violent behavior and described by coworkers as “unhinged and unstable.”

A lot of people in general, especially young peeps, would prefer to listen to pop music and go to the beach rather than be embroiled in politics. Unfortunately focus on politics is unavoidable when life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is provided to college kids on spring break but not to “gay people” enjoying Latin Night at Pulse in Orlando.

Newly conservative gay writer Chadwick Moore, a former Editor-at-Large for Out and The Advocate now following the Ann Coulter opportunism career path, recently chose to reappear on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Both Moore and the preppie muppet were APPALLED that a memorial vigil honoring the 49 people massacred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was organized by a group called Gays Against Guns. The event was held at U.S. Historic Landmark Stonewall Inn on the one-year anniversary of the Pulse tragedy.GAG

Moore was apoplectic, grasping for WORDS that formed such sentences as: “…the Stonewall is sort of gay, it’s a gay holy site, right. It’s the equivalent of Mecca for Muslims.” He went on to say:

“Most gay people aren’t political. Most gay people, you know, they care about pop music and going to the beach. They probably don’t know what the Second Amendment is. And so they show up to be together, to celebrate the community, to mourn together and instead they are fed this anti-gun nonsense.”

While Carlson feigned a facial expression of concern and constipation, not one fly buzzed out of his slack Playdough-smooshed yap. He and Moore lamented that ISIS or “radical Islam” was not condemned during any public comments at the vigil, shaking and nodding their heads in the manner so unique to Fox News Finishing School graduates.

Although the American-born Omar Mateen was raised in a moderate Muslim family, it is reported he self-radicalized a few years before the mass shooting he committed at the Pulse. This was well after his years as a bully, after being expelled from several schools for fighting and assaults, after threatening coworkers when Mateen worked as a security guard, after maintaining a concealed carry permit and an armed security guard license because he was “a proficient shooter.”

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