Josh Hutcherson Battles Naked Clone In ‘Future Man’


Sometimes life gives you lemons, but other times it gives you a TV show which combines Josh Hutcherson and full-frontal nudity. In Future Man, a hilarious new show on Hulu, Hutcherson (a.k.a. Peeta from the Hunger Games) finds himself at one point squaring off against a clone of himself — a standard development in an ’80s-inspired sci-fi action series. The twist, however, is that both Hutcherson and his clone are fully naked, and his clone is hung like a blue whale. (Blue whales have the longest penises of the animal kingdom.)

Future Man, which began streaming exclusively on Hulu November 14, is something of a creative detour for Hutcherson. Since closing out the Hunger Games franchise with Jennifer Lawrence, Hutcherson has appeared mostly in contemplative indie dramas. However, in the first episode of Future Man, Hutcherson almost immediately jizzes on another man. (We dutifully reported on this after interviewing Hutcherson at New York Comic Con.)

Future Man finds a lot of excellent opportunities for blue humor in its “fish out of water” scenarios. When two warriors from the violent, apocalyptic future visit Hutcherson after he beats a video game, they commit faux pas after faux pas as they chafe against the relatively civil social norms of 2017. Considering they’re accustomed to spending their days eating rats and having daily vigorous sex to survive, it’s no surprise that they don’t know when it’s socially appropriate to say the word “blowjob.” (Or what a “blowjob” is, for that matter.) Still, they find plenty of opportunities to put their badassery to good use as they attempt to save humanity with the help of Hutcherson’s hapless janitor.

While Hutcherson is game and likeable in the lead role, Derek Wilson (Preacher) and Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings) are frequently hysterical as the warriors from the future. In a spot-on parody of ‘80s movie hypermasculinity, Wilson — as “Wolf” — barrels his way through every scene with a bewildered glare and an unnecessarily menacing lawnmower growl. He’s also incredibly hot, and apparently pansexual: At one point, he offers to have sex with Josh Hutcherson. (One beautiful throwaway detail is that no-one in the future has hang-ups about race or sexual orientation.)

Actually, the show is pretty homoerotic in general.  At one point, there’s a gratuitous Top Gun parody in which Wolf and his gorgeous bestie smack each other’s glistening butts during a game of beach volleyball. Later, they do something even more intimate — just the two of them — with Wolf’s butthole. (We won’t spoil it.) And speaking of ‘80s references — and movie references — there are plenty of hilarious ones. In addition to Top Gun, there’s Terminator, Back to the Future, and even Aliens. (There’s an entire episode that pays hilarious homage to James Cameron.)

Please make Future Man your next favorite show: Your little gay heart will thank you!


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