‘Jurassic World: Lost Lesbian’: Sequel Edits Out Queer Character Reveal

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Hollywood may have finally ended its problematic “Bury Your Gays” trope. You know the story: It’s where a queer character (usually a woman) shows up on a television show and does some damage, then gets written off via violent death.

And since Hollywood is nothing if not a font of creativity and innovation, it has replaced the “Bury Your Gays” trope with something even more economical: “Never Have Gays in the First Place.”

We have discussed straightwashing, or pinkwashing, many times on this site. But it never fails to get us angry. It is the laziest, most offensive way for the majority to ignore queer voices and experiences, and it gave us the show Rise.

However, the latest instance of pinkwashing to set off our itchy typing fingers has come from a very unexpected source. It has come from a world known more widely for Sapphic dinosaurs and Chris Pratt’s Republican dog whistling than for potentially queer characters. It has come from Jurassic World.

You’d think that a movie about an island populated solely by female dinosaurs would be more queer-friendly (those velociraptors are definitely scissoring, right?), but Jurassic World 2 apparently wiped its one queer character from the story completely. The worst part? The movie did this “for the sake of time.”

Apparently, a veterinarian in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom played by Daniella Pineda was originally going to have a funny line revealing her sexual orientation, but producers cut it for time, even though it was only 19 words.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Daniella Pineda.

Yo, Jurassic World 2 producers. If you’re too cowardly to include your one queer character, just say so. Don’t come up with some bullshit about time constraints. Are people really going to go on Facebook afterwards and write, “Do NOT see this movie, it was THREE SECONDS TOO LONG, let’s BOYCOTT it and knock it from the #1 June movie of all time to the FIFTH JUNE MOVIE OF ALL TIME.”

Also, you still could have communicated that this character was gay without taking up three precious seconds of your movie. You could have just shown the lesbian vet making out with her girlfriend in the background of a boring dialogue scene. No time lost, and everyone’s happy!

Try harder next time.

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