‘Jurassic World: Lost Lesbian’: Sequel Edits Out Queer Character Reveal

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Hollywood may have finally ended its problematic “Bury Your Gays” trope. You know the story: It’s where a queer character (usually a woman) shows up on a television show and does some damage, then gets written off via violent death. And since Hollywood is nothing if not a font of creativity and innovation, it has…

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Cate, Capers, Creepy Kids, More: Your Flagrant June Movie Preview


The Summer movie season is in full swing, and there are more options in June other than just hoping Chris Pratt gets eaten by a dinosaur. Here’s the 411:   Ocean’s 8, a.k.a. Women Steal Things Better June 8 — This much-awaited womanly Ocean’s update boasts a fabulous premise (an attempted heist at the Met…

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David Hasselhoff’s Deranged Video Will Make You Forget Chris Pratt


The entire universe (or at least our Facebook newsfeed) seems to be in deep mourning for the split  of everyone’s fave couple Chris (Guardians of the Galaxy) Pratt and Anna (Scary Movie) Faris. Group cyber hug! Thankfully, David Hasselhoff (what? you forgot he’s a big singing star in Europe?) is here to help with a…

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Are TV Actors Too Shredded For Roles?


Picture this… May, 1992, John Goodman, star of TV’s top-rated Roseanne is cast as the lead in Cliffhanger, narrowly beating out Stallone for the role. Goodman had already started an intense diet/workout regime weeks before the series wrapped. By the June 15 filming start date, Goodman was ripped. His biceps had biceps. When the film…

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