Kat Von Divine! Tattoo Diva Launching Makeup Inspired By Divine

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Every now and then, something happens in this crazy world of ours that just … makes sense. Maybe a couple who are perfect for each other finally ties the knot, or maybe the President of the United States is finally impeached. Or maybe, just maybe, Kat Von D starts a makeup line inspired by the legendary drag queen Divine.

As her loyal subjects may already know, the dearly departed Divine is partly responsible for the “dramatic winged eye” look becoming popular among America’s huddled masses. If it weren’t for her immense, captivating ocular artwork, women across the country might still be doing themselves up like Disney princesses. (Not to mention that Ursula from The Little Mermaid — whose visual design is inspired by Divine — would be way less fabulous.)

Considering Divine’s iconic look and lasting influence over American culture — or, at least, the cool parts of American culture — it certainly makes sense that someone with as refined a style as tattoo artist and model Kat Von D would want to pay homage to her. Judging by the sneak peek that Kat’s boyfriend shared on Insta, the makeup line looks like it will be serving up major diva realness.

According to HelloGiggles, Kat’s boyf may have “spilled the beans” a bit early in the collab, as Kat told the website in August,

“As much as I’m dying to spill the beans, it’s a bit early in the game to give away all the details, but yes. We are definitely in production to release a Kat Von D x Divine Collection — and it’s going to be fucking awesome.”

Stay tuned!


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