Kathy Griffin Gets Last Laugh, Cooper, Cohen NYE Gig Bombs


Oh, Kathy Griffin, we never thought we’d miss you so.

What Andy Cohen may have forgotten when he replaced Kathy Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve was that he was replacing an actual comedian, and that he’d probably have to, idk, be entertaining in order to live up to the gig.

Instead, what we hapless viewers got was a shitty simulacrum of the often very funny patter of Anderson and Griffin.

Cohen, who should honestly be banned from CNN for his lame, uncomfortable joke about losing his genitals to the cold, pulled uninspired, mildly amusing gags like having the Real Housewives read tweets written by President Trump. “How is this less offensive than Griffin holding a bloody Trump head?” thought many viewers at home, including us.

And sure enough, Twitter seemed to speak for all of us.

“@kathygriffin Thinking of you tonight,” wrote one loyal fan named Josh to Griffin. “It’s ridiculous how brilliantly funny you are in comparison to those idiots @andycohen & @andersoncooper.”

Damn, Josh, you tagged them and everything!

“There’s something wrong when Anderson seems like the funnier one,” wrote another Twitter user. “So far, score 1 @kathygriffin – 0 #AndyCohen.”

Maybe Cohen, Cooper, and CNN will think about their life choices after realizing just how many people didn’t warm up to their shtick?

And speaking of which, who DID like their shtick? You’d think that the hiring of a duo of gay guys to host a New Year’s Eve show would be considered a win for the queer community, but considering the duo’s unpopularity on Gay Twitter, it wasn’t. So I guess we should all be blaming America’s liberal moms and aunts for clamoring for two non-controversial, generically handsome, hammy gay daddies to make stupid genital jokes and complain about how shockingly cold it is in the middle of winter. Edgy!

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