Kristen Stewart Cast As Iconic Actress, Activist Jean Seberg

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Kristen Stewart has a lot in common with the legendary French New Wave star Jean Seberg. First of all, she’s a darling in France. (She’s the first American actress to have ever won a Cesar, a.k.a. the French Oscar.) Second, she’s fiercely counterculture. (She memorably came out as “so gay” on Saturday Night Live.) Finally, her constant state of mouth-breathing makes her look like she’s perpetually Breathless.

jean seberg Breathless

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Seberg in the French New Wave classic, “Breathless”

Thus, it makes sense that Stewart would now be locked in to play the iconic Seberg in a new political thriller titled Against All Enemies, which follows Seberg’s affair with a Black Panther during the ‘60s. The Panther, Hakim Jamal, will be played by Anthony Mackie, a.k.a. Falcon from the Avengers: Age of Explosions.

Seberg, who starred in the seminal and influential New Wave film Breathless in 1960, faced much criticism during her short, bright life for her support of the Panthers. Likewise, Against All Enemies will touch upon the FBI’s investigation of Seberg’s financial contributions to the Panthers in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. The film will likely reference the FBI’s intimidation efforts against Seberg, such as stalkings, break-ins, and the running of a libelous Newsweek piece which attempted to shame Seberg and obstruct her involvement with the activist group.

The Newsweek piece, which falsely claimed that the child Seberg was carrying at the time was the product of her affair with Jamal, caused Seberg to panic and give birth prematurely, leading to the death of her two-day-old daughter Nina. Seberg, who was married at the time, became suicidal afterwards and was said to attempt suicide every subsequent year on the anniversary of her daughter’s death. In 1979, she was successful — and left behind just one note to her son: “Forgive me. I can no longer live with my nerves.”

A piece of the orchestrated smear campaign against Seberg.

Against All Enemies, which will also star Jack O’Connell, the hottie that no one remembers from Angelina Jolie’s directorial effort Unbroken, will likely serve as a tribute to a progressive woman who breathed new life into cinema despite facing harsh, sexist criticism from critics, audiences, romantic partners, and her own government.

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