Marriage Equality Under Attack in Texas


Houston we have a problem. Marriage equality is under attack in Texas.

In a recent decision, the nine member, all Republican Texas Superior Court has reversed the lower court decision affirming that married same-sex couples are entitled to all benefits accorded by law to their heterosexual counterparts.  

In writing the unanimous decision, Justice Jeff Boyd held that the reach and ramification of the 2105 Obergefell Supreme Court decision was not addressed and left up to the states. In other words, according to Boyd, gays can marry but publicly funded benefits such as health insurance and life insurance are not clearly guaranteed by the Obergefell ruling. This spurious decision attempts to argue that while gay married couples must be acknowledged, they are not guaranteed equal treatment by the state.

As newly and hastily appointed US Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch encourages more of these decision around the country, gay marriage advocates will be forced to fend off any attempts to dismantle gay marriage equality. Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner is taking on the decision and will either take the case to trial or all the way to the Supreme Court.  

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