Transphobe Appointed To Lead Gender Equality Post


One cannot be surprised anymore by the Trump administration’s incredibly tone-deaf staffing choices. The new senior adviser for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the US Agency for International Development, Bethany Kozma is infamous for leading a campaign against the Obama administration’s school guidance which allowed transgender students to use the bathroom’s facilities that correspond to their gender identity and which Trump already withdrew. In Kozma’s words, back in 2016: “a boy claiming gender confusion must now be allowed in the same shower, bathroom, or locker room with my daughter…When I learned that predators could abuse these new policies to hurt children in school lockers…I realized I had to do something.”

Bethany, honey, it’s been a year. Maybe you’ve been enlightened by binge-watching Transparent and now regret your earlier statement. Trans people are neither predators nor confused. What they are is scared, especially of those poisoned by your rhetoric of hate, who may end up assaulting them. Per the Office for Victims of Crime, one out of two trans persons have been raped or assaulted.

Per a USAID spokesman, the agency will remain committed to fight gender-identity discrimination. We hope so.

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