Martha Stewart: ‘Every Wedding Is Special To Me’


Legendary lifestyle guru Martha Stewart apparently attends “a lot” of same-sex weddings. Makes sense, since her publication Martha Stewart Weddings offers wedding planning and etiquette guidelines for lovebirds of all identities looking to tie the knot, and regularly showcases the happy nuptials of same-sex couples—and of course the sumptuous receptions that follow.

“I don’t differentiate a gay wedding from a straight wedding,” Stewart told PrideSource in a Monday interview. “I just don’t differentiate … I think it’s absolutely a fact that all men are created equal, and so I just treated people like equals my entire life. Equals in every single way, no matter what their proclivity is or what their sexuality is, or their color or their race.”

The 76-year-old homemaking entrepreneur has been advocating for same-sex marriage long before the historic Supreme Court ruling in 2015 made it legal. In 2009, Martha Stewart Weddings was one of the first U.S. mainstream magazines to include LGBTQ people in its pages when it celebrated the wedding of Jeremy Hooper and Andrew Shulman (that incorporated a twist on Jewish wedding traditions with both grooms stomping on the glass).

With the Masterpiece Cakeshop lummox making a stink trying to get the Supreme Court to allow him the right to discriminate against gay couples on the basis it violates his religious beliefs, it’s great to have such bigwig cake expert as Stewart in our corner.

Most recently, Stewart has been collaborating with Snoop Dogg on VH1’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, hosting appearances of notable queer figures as Ross Mathews and Laverne Cox, and longtime LGBTQ supporters Kathy Griffin and Patti LaBelle.

“I don’t care who the person is. I care about what the person does, and how they do it,” said Stewart about her wonderful hodgepodge of guests, friends and partners.

“I have a lot of gay editors, both male and female. One of our style directors at Weddings got married and he had a fantastic wedding at a nightclub in Brooklyn. That was so fun, and that was also featured in the magazine. And I’ve been to several female weddings. You know, every wedding is special to me.”

Stewart spoke endearingly about her longtime friend Kevin Sharkey, who “worked his way up” for 18 years to be senior vice president and executive editorial director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

“I even introduce him playfully to friends as my gay son,” Stewart to Chris Azzopardi of PrideSource.


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