‘Megyn Kelly Today’: First Week A Literal ‘Sh*t’ Show


Megyn Kelly may have gained a reputation in the past year for being slightly more progressive than her former Fox News brethren, but the bulk of us are never going to forget the racist and borderline-homophobic arguments that she regularly spewed from her conservative post there. It’s not a stretch to say that she touted conservative values to keep her job there, thus raising her own profile and making more money. Now, for those who enjoy schadenfreude or karma, or who just generally like watching trainwrecks, you may be pleased to know that Kelly’s first week of hosting a daytime gig at NBC has been a literal “shit” show.

Case in point: The latest blunder on Megyn Kelly Today involved a cameraman accidentally stepping into frame during Thursday’s show and audibly mumbling “shit” after realizing he was blocking the view of his audience. We’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt: He was probably a newbie, or he probably secretly wanted to sabotage his boss.

Earlier in the week, viewers may recall that Megyn Kelly Today also hit a setback when Kelly pissed off Jane Fonda by bringing up her plastic surgery during a segment about Fonda’s new movie. Whether or not this was supreme bitchery on Kelly’s part is up for debate (certainly Kelly and the uber-liberal Fonda don’t get along on some level), but it was still a boneheaded move. Kelly neglected to ask Fonda’s co-star Robert Redford about HIS obvious cosmetic procedures. On Monday, Kelly angered gay viewers (hey, that’s us) when she asked a gay audience member if he “became gay” because of the character Will Truman on Will & Grace. One of Kelly’s guests that day, Debra Messing, went so far as to say she was “dismayed” about the comment and regretted ever being on the show.

If you start to feel bad, just remember that Kelly helped promote a conservative agenda on Fox during Trump’s steady rise to power. (Just because she called him out on his “pigs, dogs, and slobs” comment during the 2016 debates doesn’t erase everything else she did.) While all of these unfortunate events are most likely karma, they will probably end soon because she hasn’t built up THAT much bad karma and also because this show is probably going to be cancelled soon.


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