It’s A Miracle! ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ 2-Part Season 4 Debuts In May

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Emmy-nominated (and, honestly, one of our fave pop culture obsessions) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is coming back to Netflix not once, but TWICE, in 2018.

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Sure, the new episodes will add up to the same total number of episodes as a typical season, but it will FEEL like more — and that’s what matters. Plus, you’ll be able to divide your binge-watching into two distinct sessions so as to lessen the blow of your own depression-induced self-destruction.

Netflix has already announced that the first six episodes of the new season will launch May 30, 2018, but it has not yet announced when the second batch of six episodes will drop. Netflix is also not providing any explanation for this new promotional tactic. But that’s no surprise: Netflix rarely shares insights into its machinations unless it’s to crow about recent successes. It’s a strategy that sounds very familiar to those who follow the career of one Donald J. Trump.

But perhaps we’re being too hard on Netflix, and this is just part of a new distribution strategy designed to prevent thirteen-episode-long binges that cause people to call in sick to work. This may just be the jumpstart our society needs to make sure the economy can still run smoothly every time a major Netflix property drops new episodes.

It could also be a clever way to maintain hype for Unbreakable over the course of an entire year, rather than dropping an entire season of it and then allowing the world to forget about it for a year. For instance, if this distribution strategy works from a marketing point of view, then Netflix might apply it to some of its other flagship properties.

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Until then, we will have to ponder the fate of Titus and Mikey. Kimmy and Rev. Gary. Jacqueline and unsmooshed hottie Russ (or will he revert back to David Cross after his time with the Bravo gays)? Lillian and Artie. And pleeeeeeaaase return with more Mimi Kanasis.

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