Motley ‘Drag Race All Stars 3’ Cast Announced

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The cast for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 has been announced, and we are … whelmed. Yes, the cast includes a handful of eminently talented queens who deserve another chance at superstardom, but it also includes a collection of queens who RuPaul seems to have picked out by throwing darts at a Shangela.  


Here’s who we’re excited about:


Chi Chi DeVayne




Chi Chi got knocked for her “poverty chic” aesthetic a few times, but now that she’s toured the world and built up a following, we’re excited to see how she’s spent her paychecks. There’s something irresistible about pairing a down-home Louisiana accent with a Marchesa ball gown.






Milk was always pushing boundaries, and her out-of-drag look made us thirsty. It’ll be exciting to see if she can up the ante even further after her infamous “male RuPaul” and “billy goat” looks.


Thorgy Thor




With her thorny wit and jaunty runways, Thorgy was like the hyperactive cokehead genius of Season 8. She’s a great actress and bubbling with ingenuity, so we hope she redeems herself on All Stars 3.






DeLa deserved to be Top 3 of her season, and definitely left us too soon. She’s another one brimming with C.U.N.T. (charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent), and we hope she continues to surprise us with her creativity.


Trixie Mattel




Since she left Season 7 early on — and then returned, and then left again — Trixie has become a power player in the drag and entertainment worlds. Her clown persona has carried her far on social media, and she even has her own Viceland show with Katya coming out soon. We’re excited to see what kooky new characters she comes up with.


… But then there’s everyone else:






Aja didn’t give us much during her season except for a now-legendary read of Valentina  — but maybe Ru sees something in her that we don’t. At least we know she’ll deliver some excellent lip syncs by the end of episode 1.


Kennedy Davenport




Kennedy was a solid kween, but does anyone feel like she missed out on a chance to shine? She seemed to peak creatively in her season, no? Still, at least we know she’ll be excellent competition for Aja … in the lip sync at the end of episode 1.


Morgan McMichaels




???? Who even … ???? Did Ru just pull this name out of a hat??






OMG we get it — you’re hard-working and talented and CUNTy and persistent — but this spot should have gone to a fresh face.


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