Muna Is The Queer Pop Band Of Your Dreams


Queer dream pop trio MUNA have written odes to LGBTQ safe spaces and abuse survivors, but their new single, “In My Way” from their debut album “About You,” tackles a somewhat lighter subject — modern relationship culture. Thankfully, it’s no less poignant. The song is about the panic and vertigo of falling for someone when all you’ve been trying to do is have a light and breezy fling: “When it unfurls / It’s a sick, sad world / But I’m your girl, even when I’m not your girl / I’m not afraid to say / I love you in my way,” sings frontwoman Katie Gavin.

In a recent interview, Gavin told Noisey that the song came from discussions she’d had with her peers about what it means to have sex, fall in love and be in a relationship today. “I was basically exploring where we can find tenderness in a time when, in some ways, it is celebrated to be able to have physical connections without [an] emotional connection,” she says. “And I wanted to see if I could make a song that made vulnerability sound—not super scary, but something that could be fun.”

The accompanying homemade video is a nostalgia-laced look back at their own trip to San Francisco, where they placed the Outside Lands Festival. “For me, in my life, a lot of [those rich relationships] has just been from my best friendships. And I feel like the video is just a celebration of that,” says Gavin. Soon, the indie darlings will be opening for Harry Styles on his first solo world tour: a good thing for all the potential fans out there.

Have a look and listen below!


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