From ‘Muriel’ To Manic: Toni Collette’s Latest ‘Hereditary’ Trailer Is Creepy AF

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Toni Collette is back on our movie screens in a supernatural horror thriller that can only be described as Little Miss Psychopath. Wait, no: The Sixth Jump Scare. Wait, no: Muriel’s Slow, Disturbing Descent into Madness.

The movie’s actual title is Hereditary, but those other titles that we just made up are more descriptive, tbh. Judging by the film’s latest trailer, Hereditary features not only Toni Collette looking scared shitless, but a borderline-psychopathic little girl who is essentially what Olive from Little Miss Sunshine would have turned into if she had continued modeling.  

Helmed by first-time director Ari Aster, and currently sitting with a 100% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating, Hereditary chronicles the horror that unfolds after Collette’s character’s mom passes away and unlocks “increasingly terrifying secrets” about the family’s ancestry. While the film’s two trailers don’t give away much, we can at least expect that those secrets will include telekinesis, suspiciously dead animals, a bug-covered corpse, a body being sucked into a treehouse, and a murdery version of Barbie’s Dreamhouse. Oh yeah, and a lot of tongue popping, but not in a fun Alyssa Edwards way. It’s more like if Alyssa Edwards suddenly decided to decapitate a baby.

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Hereditary also features Ann Dowd, a.k.a. the psychotic lady from The Handmaid’s Tale, so you can at least imagine that everyone in Hereditary is wearing those creepy-ass Handmaids Dresses as you try to figure out what the fuck is wrong with all of them. (Like, why does the teen boy just stare into the mid-distance all the time? And why does the girl not unwrap her Hersheys bar before eating it?)

In any case, we’re at least intrigued by one particular reviewer’s take on the film (“Things will fly out at you that you will want to unsee”), because we usually love when things are flying out at us. Also, any movie that features a little girl with a fucked-up face innocently telling her mommy she’s going to die soon is definitely worth seeing immediately.  

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