Not Your Granny’s Needlepoint


Ah, the wholesome, genteel tradition of needlepoint, an art relegated to respectable, mature women and Rosey Grier. It brings to mind the appearance of Olivia De Havilland in The Heiress, at her needlework stand, severe eyebrows strained while stitching an image unseen to viewers. Probably a quaint, safe pond scene with hovering dragonflies.

Decidedly not safe for work are the needlepoint creations of artist Zach Nutman. “Needleporn” is what Nutman calls them, and they are exquisitely rendered vignettes depicting hardcore queer sex with a hearty nod to Tom of Finland. London-born Nutman, age 22, presently operates out of New York, spending up to 100 hours on each piece of needleporn, of which the artist is open to ANY erotic scene. It’s all a rich tapestry! With over 30 unique works created, Nutman gets inquiries for commissions, personalized sex scenes of the requesting couples, the finished product to be displayed in their HOME SWEET HOME.

For more scrutiny of Zach Nutman’s sexy needleporn, visit his online studio at

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