Actor/Rapper Milan Christopher Loses His Clothes, But Will He Find An Audience?


Rapper, actor, homosexual and now, attention whore seeking a “break the Internet moment,” Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher lost his unmentionables to smash stereotypes about male sexuality, celebrity, musicians, something else, yadda-yadda.

“I wanted to be judged on my hard-earned bubble butt, my I-stopped-enjoying-life six-pack, the ebony shade of my shaft rather than just my talent,” he doesn’t say but pretty much implies in this interview with Paper magazine featuring an “artsy” (his word, not ours) photo shoot by Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

Paper magazine is no stranger to “break the Internet” moments. Kim Kardashian bared her voluminous ass on the cover of the Winter 2014 issue and the Internet was truly demolished. Kim was already a well-known flesh-peddling “brand” at the time. Will Christopher’s nude spread do anything to further his career? Is Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming” casting soon?

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