Out Olympian Adam Rippon Celebrates ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Victory


Renowned ice gazelle Adam Rippon has scored another win for queerkind.

The openly gay Olympian walked away with the Mirrorball trophy after Monday’s finale of the athletes-only competition of Dancing with the Stars. Rippon and his partner Jenna Johnson beat out a series of strong competitors for the prize, including ice wildebeest Tonya Harding.

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Ironically, the win came on the same night that a very bland, very conventional straight person won American Idol. The show even trafficked in her chaste, family-friendly heterosexual relationship with the season’s runner-up in order to heighten dramatic effect.

“The Mirrorball has now taken on a new meaning,” said Rippon after his own win. “Someone like me is accepted and I feel loved.”

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Of course, there are plenty of queer people who remain unaccepted across the country, but at least openly gay Olympian ice skaters now have a shot at winning reality competitions.

Rippon and Johnson got a perfect score for their jazz routine to “Anything You Can Do,” which included the type of dramatic lip syncing that only a power femme can pull off.

Perhaps the duo’s most striking performance was a culturally appropriating freestyle routine to “Scooby Doo Pa Pa,” which earned lower scores but kept the pair’s buzz strong.

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There was also plenty of squee-ing and ego-stroking to be had in the pair’s promo videos for their dances.

Looking back, it surely helped Rippon that he and Johnson had immediate chemistry from the very first episode of the season, when the squee-ish couple nailed a voguing cha cha to “Sissy that Walk” — surely a gay fever dream. After that, the voguing vixens continued to prove every week why they deserved to win this competition.

Now, we can only hope that Adam Rippon continues to light up TV screens in the reality sphere. Perhaps his next stop will be a Real Housewives spinoff for Olympians? (Imagine the glory of Rippon and Mirai Nagasu screaming about who had the best birthday party for their dog. You’re welcome.)


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