Netflix ‘She-Ra’ Reboot Debuts Teaser Poster, Cast


For the honor of Grayskull, She-Ra is returning to Earth.

Led by the queer creator of Lumberjanes, Noelle Stevenson, She-Ra will be rebooted on Netflix later this year with a luminous vocal cast including Sandra Oh and Lorraine Toussaint, a.k.a. Orange is the New Black’s season two antagonist, Vee.

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The news is a much-needed win for the queer community, as She-Ra has remained an icon for power lipstick lesbians and gayboys since her on-screen debut in the original ‘80s animated series, She-Ra: Princess of Power. While run-of-the-mill comic fans have merely seen a “long lost sister of Prince Adam of Eternia, kidnapped as a baby by the Horde’s leader Hordak, subsequently earn a Sword of Protection which grants her the power to transform into She-Ra, her secret identity,” queer viewers have instead seen “lesbian lesbian lesbian Power of Two lesbian lesbian Constant Craving lesbian.”

Perhaps She-Ra’s lesbian fan base has grown because she’s an empowered and independent woman with close female friendships. Perhaps it’s because the daughter of She-Ra’s original creator came out as gay in 2007. Either way, it seems that She-Ra may have more explicitly lesbian traits in this iteration of the character — in no small part due to the inclusion of Stevenson as executive producer.

The entire vocal cast has been announced and a new poster for the She-Ra reboot, most recently seen in Entertainment Weekly, features an Avatar-like landscape filled with phosphorescent flowers and trees that emit what appears to be neon blue jizz — but behind that is a very Bisexual Pink sky. And then there’s She-Ra in the center, looking powerful AF as she thrusts her dildo, er, Sword of Power, into that sky. It might as well be shooting out a rainbow.

Or, in other words: Lesbian lesbian lesbian She Keeps Me Warm lesbian.

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