Out Showrunner Bryan Fuller May Adapt ‘Vampire Chronicles’ Next

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Like a gay cloud, Bryan Fuller has been floating aimlessly across the entertainment sphere ever since he parted ways with both Star Trek: Discovery and American Gods. And also like a gay cloud, he’s about to rain down a lot of gay stuff on America.

Fuller is reportedly teaming up with the nascent network Paramount Television (née Spike TV) to bring us a serialized adaptation of Anne Rice’s oeuvre, and you can expect it to be queer as hell. With Anne’s gay son Christopher on board as a producer, and with all the freedom that television allows, The Vampire Chronicles is bound to hew more closely to Rice’s explicitly homoerotic novels than her movie adaptations did.

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Christopher and Anne Rice with super fan Bryan Fuller.

Who can forget the straightwashed film adaptations of Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned? Oh, right, EVERYONE … because they were boring as fuck. Even with an early Kirsten Dunst and the combined star power of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Interview with the Vampire was not nearly entertaining enough to merit inviting a DVD of it into one’s home. (Because vampires.) And Queen of the Damned was just terrible. No shade, Aaliyah fans.

As for Fuller, we couldn’t be happier that the openly gay Hannibal and Pushing Daisies creator is joining the Vampire Chronicles team. Not only is he a proven amazing showrunner, but he’s also bringing a lot of passion to the project. According to a post from Chris Rice, Fuller has dreamt of working with Anne Rice since he was a kid, and even called Rice personally when he was a teenager to ask if he could adapt her stories into film. Well, now he finally is, which is heartwarming or whatever.

Btw, if you recognize the name Paramount Television, it’s because they’re also developing that queer reboot of Heathers which you’ve definitely heard about. Sounds like Paramount Television might be replacing Logo soon! (Honestly, at this point, that’s like … fine.)  

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  1. daniel tiago

    Lestat is an enormously cinematic novel that I would only entrust to Polanski or Gus van Sant or Alain Resnais. This is an oppotunity for artistic greatness. Join in me in imploring the producers to make a baroque masterpiece!