Pennywise And Babadook, Hollywood’s Newest Gay Couple


It’s been a few months since the Internet outed the Babadook as a Friend of Gaga, so naturally the Internet has now given him a boyfriend. It’s unclear whether the Babadook consciously coupled with his current squeeze on Grindr, Chappy, or through their mutual friend, the unstoppable cloud of mist from Mist, but he is apparently dating none other than Pennywise from IT.

Aw, look at how happy they are. They probably took those balloons from a kid they murdered. Plus, Babadook is kiiiiind of killing it at the dating game, considering how secretly sexy Pennywise is. But on second thought, that actually doesn’t seem fair. Whenever they get home to their mutually-owned sewer or alternate dimension or whatever (assuming they’ve been dating a while), Babadook ends up with a gorgeous Swedish man, while Pennywise just ends up with, well, the Babadook. In any case, the entirety of the Internet seems to be thrilled with how happy they are together:

Also, just a side-note: It would be really nice to also be able to claim less murdery fictional non-humanoids as members of the queer community, so could y’all get on that? Like, what about the rat from Ratatouille? He didn’t have a girlfriend, and he sure did spent a lot of time playing with that guy’s hair.Screen Shot at PM

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