Why Is Queen Latifah Screaming In Front Of A Man’s Junk?


 oIn ads for her raunchy new comedy Girls Trip, Queen Latifah is seen with her mouth open wide in between the bare legs of a man (at least we think those smooth limbs belong to a man) accompanied by the tag line “You’ll be glad you came.” Talk about truth in advertising.

The film appears to be the latest in a string of comedies including Bridesmaids and Rough Night that show ladies can be just as unbridled as their male counterparts. Girls Trip focuses on a quartet of female pals (Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett Smith round out the group) who wreak havoc on poor innocent New Orleans during the Essence Festival, which is really a thing. In a clip included in the trailer, Jada’s character finds herself experiencing bladder control issues while suspended in mid-air above Bourbon Street — seriously.

maxresdefaultBased on the red band trailer, Girls Trip looks to be rife with oral sex jokes. We’re not hating it. Ladies need to get theirs, too. Yet it feels odd to see Latifah used this way. A versatile entertainer, she has played lesbian characters in films such as Set It Off , Chicago and Bessie, but has remained notoriously close-lipped about her own private life (hey, a sister can live her life as she sees fit). Still, the ad seems to be an odd marketing decision, with a “write your own punchline”/”create your own meme”-ready image.

Watch the red-band trailer for the film, which opens July 21, below.

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