Trump Tarnishes America’s Reputation Abroad


Planning a vacation abroad? Better start saying “aboot” like a true Canadian, or practicing your Spanish, because thanks to the person presently occupying the White House the popularity of America is at an all-time low per a new Pew Research Poll.
Granted, Yankees have never been THAT popular abroad, but Obama did a good job fixing the mess that Bush left behind and the world recognized it almost immediately, as this graph from Pew Research shows. Hey, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009!
Should we worry? Well—yeah! Tourism has gone down an average of 11 percent since Trump reign of darkness began, with Southern Californa being the most affected. And as big as this country is, America greatly depends on foreign investment to promote growth. That app that sucks most of your free time, Grindr, who do you think owns it? Beijing Kunlun Tech, a Chinese company. Foreign Direct Investment represented about 6.4% of the GDP or 379 billion in 2015. We need those pounds and euros and yens!
Per the Pew survey, two countries do like Trump: Russia—you guessed—and Israel. By now, one expects the worst from Putinland, but we cannot believe that all those cute, olive-skinned boys from Tel Aviv actually like Trump! Must be Bubbe and Zayde (yiddish for grand-folks) the ones who responded to that survey! Not only was Obama a terrific leader, but he did a fantastic job improving relationships with Iran and Cuba while Thin-Skinned Cheeto has brought us closer than ever to a conflict with North Korea.
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