Razzie Noms Roast Tyler Perry, ‘Baywatch,’ Mahky Mahk, More

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Every year, Hollywood comes together to celebrate the most prominent members of their community. Every year, Hollywood then honors these titans of the movie industry in a lavish ceremony that baits speculation and breathless anticipation from members of both the entertainment industry and the press. This awards ceremony, which attracts the biggest names on screen and behind the scenes in Hollywood, is known as the Oscars the Razzies.

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As an homage to their more respectable older cousin, the Oscars, the Razzies annually release their nominations for the worst movies in Hollywood on the eve of Oscar Nomination Day. And this year’s crop of nominations has not disappointed. In addition to “honoring” the artificially-enhanced Baywatch and the vanilla feature-length hotel room porn Fifty Shades Darker, the Razzies have managed to sneak some massive, otherwise-respectable names onto their shitlist.

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Previous Oscar winners — like Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon, and Kim Basinger — have been nominated in the “Worst Supporting Actress” category, while industry darling (and Oscar winner) Jennifer Lawrence has snuck into the Worst Actress category for her work in Mother! While critics and audiences remain conflicted on the merits of Mother!, it’s not really a bad film per se — just a dense and inaccessible one. But the Razzies like to equally “reward” both genuinely bad films and merely divisive films, which could explain why Lawrence earned a Razzie nomination alongside Tyler Perry’s nomination for Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween.

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Still, we are pleased to see Genuinely Bad Actor Mark Wahlberg honored for his horrendous work in the homophobic Daddy’s Home 2 and the sexist Transformers: The Last Knight, both of which feature him looking mildly cross as a substitute for actual comedy. It’s easy to see his nomination as not just an attempt at attracting a big, recognizable face to the Razzies ceremony but as an actual condemnation of his overall terribleness. The Razzies got it right this year! #RazziesSoRight

Winners will be announced on March 3, the eve of the Oscars ceremony. Check out the nominations announcement video below.



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