Russell Crowe Packs It On To Portray Disgraced Fox News Honcho

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Almost unrecognizable inside fatty suit prosthetics, gained weight or a combo platter of the two, Russell Crowe was photographed earlier this week on a film set, where he’s portraying disgraced Fox News overlord/Jabba the Hutt doppelganger Roger Ailes.

Adapted from Gabriel Sherman’s unauthorized Ailes bio, “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” the Showtime limited series will follow the rise and fall of “the Republican Party’s de facto leader” and “the sexual harassment accusations and settlements that brought his Fox News reign to an end.” The best-seller painted a portrait of the Fox News Chairman and CEO as a manipulating, conniving, controlling, petty and fear-mongering man. Hmmm… remind you of anyone?

Naomi Watts will co-star in the series as former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, who accused Ailes of sexual harassment.

Crowe’s take on the controversial Fox News honcho isn’t the only Ailes project in the works. Charlize Theron will portray Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman will play Gretchen Carlson in a currently-shooting, Jay Roach-directed film. The movie is set to follow the women of Fox News who stood up to the alleged toxic atmosphere of intimidation and harassment that led to Ailes’ firing. John Lithgow, Margot Robbie, Allison Janney and Kate McKinnon will co-star.

Ailes got his start in show business as a “prop boy” on “The Mike Douglas Show,” rose up the ranks and was later hired as a Media Consultant for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Shortly after he was forced out of Fox News, with an exit agreement worth $40 million, he served as an adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, where he assisted with debate prep. We wonder if it was Ailes’ idea for Trump to physically stalk Hillary Clinton while on the debate stage. Ailes died in 2017 from a subdural hematoma.

Crowe, currently on-screen in the gay conversion therapy drama Boy Erased, gained international heartthrob status, and a Best Actor Oscar, in the swords and sandals epic Gladiator. Director Ridley Scott recently announced a sequel to the smash was in the works.

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