Say No To Yass: Trump Pal Thiel Courts LGBTQ He Sold Out

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On the surface, gay billionaire Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel might seem like an asshole. But deep down, the PayPal co-founder and sweaty tech nerd is really just a bigger asshole. Let’s never forget how Thiel once used his limitless power, money, and white male influence to bully and bury the independent media site Gawker into financial ruin.

Now, Thiel, who was a major investor – at least $1.25 Million –  in Donald Trump’s campaign and even part of his transition team, is drawing controversy once again for reportedly being the sole investor in a new queer co-working space in San Francisco. People who live near the space, dubbed Yass, are understandably pissed that the talking moral vacuum is effectively furthering along the gentrification of the area just to line his pockets.


Digital rendering of Yass exterior.

“The LGBT community in San Francisco, we need a space. But we don’t need a space that is tainted by the hate of Donald Trump,” said David Campos, a gay former elected supervisor who once represented the historically Latino surrounding district.

Yass is supposedly meant to be a “headquarters and hangout for a new generation of queer people,” but that likely means little to Thiel, who only seems to care that the next generation of Americans doesn’t have Gawker or a sane president. A few other terrible things that the Facebook board member has done include complaining that women have the right to vote, calling date rape “belated regret,” and making software that helps the US government round up immigrants.

Digital rendering of Yass “creative space.”

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that no one is saying “Yass” about the man finding another way to line his pockets.


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