Tears Of A Clown: GOP Attempt To Mock Ted Cruz Rival Fails Spectacularly


Let’s face it. Clowns are creepy AF. “Pennywise” from It is the stuff of nightmares. When serial killer John Wayne Gacy wasn’t murdering boys, he appeared at parties and parades as his alter-ego “Pogo.” Lest we forget Trump’s favorite hamburger clown, Ronald McDonald. There’s a new clown to add to this hellish line-up, Ted Cruz in mime white-face.cruz as mime

Wednesday, the Texas GOP used its Twitter account to post a pic of Cruz’s Senate rival Beto O’Rourke rocking a dress. The photo was taken over two decades ago when O’Rourke was part of a punk band called Foss. Kurt Cobain and his Nirvana bandmates wore dresses back then, too. Who cares? In another attempt to embarrass Beto, they released his mugshot for a DUI arrest from 1998.

The Twitterazzi were not having it. Soon, negative Cruz memes were flying wildly, but none took off more than a photo of Cruz as a sad mime. The high school pic showed white-faced Cruz as “Adam” in a play based on the Book of Genesis. Sounds like some “Godspell” ridiculousness to us.

Writer Parker Molloy offered up a clipped-out version of the pic and Twitter uses responded with dozens of savage Cruz mime memes.

Of course, Cruz, one of the most disliked politicians in America, has every reason to be afraid of his rival. Polling shows the race has tightened significantly in the past month, and with the election mere weeks away, Cruz and the GOP will resort to anything in an attempt to shame or humiliate O’Rourke.

Flagrant attended a recent O’Rourke rally in Houston, “Bands For Beto” and we were mightily impressed by the charismatic, intelligent, impassioned speaker. Many are already comparing him to Robert Kennedy. O’Rourke is part of the progressive “blue wave” hoping to retake Congress this November.

O’Rourke’s response to a question at a town hall gathering about NFL players “taking a knee” during the national anthem went viral and brought him to the attention of talk show titan Ellen DeGeneres. She invited him on her show. He’s slated to appear on “Ellen” September 5. His appearance on the show is certain to give him even greater visibility on the national level.


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