Thoroughly Maligned Millie: Trolls Force ‘Stranger Things’ Star Off Twitter


Every morning, attention-seeking queer men and women log onto the social networking platform known as Twitter and comment on the day’s events in an attempt to amass likes and retweets. Sometimes their commentary is trenchant and successful; other times it is annoying and loser-y. Either way, the end result is the same: Their ego, like Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors, is satiated until the next feeding time.

This, friends, is Gay Twitter.

However, we must discuss how Gay Twitter is now powerful enough to bully 14-year-olds off the Internet. More specifically, we must discuss how joke-y memes created by Gay Twitter about Millie Bobby Brown have gone off the rails and caused the child to be the victim of actual, not joke-y, criticism.

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Apparently, all of this started in November when someone who understood irony on a very basic level was farting around on Twitter and decided to claim that Millie Bobby Brown, a star of Stranger Things and adorable child, was an Islamophobe responsible for ripping off a woman’s hijab at the airport.

Unfortunately, when Twitter users (and not just gay ones) land on an idea that gets them even a modicum of attention, they latch onto it and attempt to replicate it in any way possible. Thus, Gay Twitter began making memes portraying Millie Bobby Brown as a vicious homophobe — which is similar, we guess? — and even popularized the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.

While this may have been funny to the people posting the meme, it was pretty fucked up when viewed from an outsider’s perspective. Whether for a joke or not, Millie Bobby Brown had become a target of vile behavior, and was ultimately scared away from Twitter completely.

Y’all! We already live in a world where our president unironically releases movie trailers teasing his meetings with horrific dictators. Do we also need to live in a world where we make the life of a 14-year-old a living hell?

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While attention is a drug attempting to feed a hunger that will never, ever, die, it is not worth destroying the happiness of the girl from Stranger Things. Just a thought: We hear selfies get you as much attention as homophobic memes. Have a wonderful Thursday.

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