So You Think You Can Prance: ‘Drag Race’ Star Laganja Estranja Slays ‘SYTYCD’

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MISS Laganja Estranja is BACK hunty, okurrrrrrr, *tongue pop*, *death drop*, okurrrrrrrr?

Miss Estranja, who is bringing her familiar lunacy, charm, and drag clichés to the newest season of So You Think You Can Dance?, recently opened up about her newest job as a spokesqueen for marijuana understanding and awareness. She also seems to be having just as many existential crises as when she was on Drag Race.  

“Until we change the stigma, it’s never going to get better,” she said to High Times recently about her drug of choice, la ganja. But despite telling the website that she auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance to bring “an important issue to the forefront,” thus imbuing herself with a sense of political importance, she explained that she goes only by Miss Estranja on the reality show because “for the last five years, I’ve been known as a drug addict, a pothead, and I’m trying to change that image. And so that’s part of my rebranding.”

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Wait, but she just said that her new mission in life is inextricably linked to la ganja! Girl, pick a rebranding image and stick with it!

She also provided varying explanations for why she’s appearing on reality TV again, despite insisting in the past that she would never explore the option after Drag Race.

“I live in Los Angeles and bills are very expensive,” she said, before deciding to just retcon her past statement and say that she was “probably” talking about the possibility of All Stars and not reality TV in general.

We are feeling very attacked — by rebranding narratives — right now.

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Still, her audition for SYTYCD was pretty fierce, and included all the death drops that we’ve ever wanted in a SYTYCD audition. Check it out below: Obvi she got shooed into the next round.

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