The Top Gun Sequel No One Asked For Is Heading To Theaters in 2019


It’s been over thirty years since Maverick, Goose, Iceman and Slider took to the skies and headed into the “danger zone.” Tom Cruise and Paramount Studios are betting the world wants/needs a sequel to Top Gun. Hence, Top Gun: Maverick is now on the calendar for a Summer 2019 release.

“Stylistically, it’s gonna be the same,” Cruise stated. “Aviators are back… we’re going to have big fast machines…It’s going to be in the same vein, same tone as the first one.”

Will any of the other original cast be invited back for the long-gestating sequel? Val Kilmer has been dealing with health issues and time has not been kind to Cher’s ex. Maybe he can play the father of Tom Cruise’s new love interest. Kelly McGillis, who co-starred as the flight instructor/obligatory female love interest, is now almost 60 and an out and proud lesbian. It’s doubtful she will return since Cruise prefers his on-screen romantic co-stars much younger.

His last two films, The Mummy re-boot and a sequel to Jack Reacher, both flopped domestically. But the Mission: Impossible franchise is one of the few bright spots in Cruise’s later career. Will a sequel to a three decade-old hit halt his falling star?

Much has been said about the not-too-subtle homoeroticism of the movie. In the film Sleep With Me, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino riffed on the film’s plot, calling it “a man’s struggle with is own homosexuality.” 

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