White House Refused To Acknowledge Gay Spouse Of Luxembourg Leader


If you had any remaining doubt that the current White House administration has homophobic tendencies, let this end your speculation. Last week a photo was taken of the spouses of all the leaders who participated in G7 summit in Europe. The picture was widely circulated and drew a fair amount of positive attention for including First Gentleman of Luxembourg Gauthier Destenay, who is married to Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Yet when it was posted on the official Facebook page for the White House Destenay’s name was omitted from the caption that accompanied it.

Facebook members were swift to observe and comment on the oversight. One wrote: “The omission of the the First Gentleman of Luxembourg name is blatantly disrespectful and just goes to show the level of idiotacy of this White House staff.”

Another added: “Wow. No mention of the Luxembourg spouse? He still exists even if you try to ignore the fact he is a homosexual you dimwit.”

The caption on Facebook reads: First Lady Melania Trump poses with Belgium’s Queen Mathilde, center, and other spouses of NATO leaders: First Lady Emine Erdo?an of Turkey; Iceland’s Thora Margret Baldvinsdottir; the First Lady of France Brigitte Trogneux; First Lady Melania Trump; Slovenia’s Mojca Stropnik; Bulgaria’s Desislava Radeva; Belgium’s Amélie Derbaudrenghien, and Norway’s Ingrid Schulerud, during their visit Thursday, May 25, 2917, at the Royal Palace in Brussels. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

There’s so far been no official response from the White House. Perhaps Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer is still wondering if his stint as Press Secretary will come to an end.

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