The Wrath Of Kathy: Hollywood Power Gays Get Griffined


Remember when Kathy Griffin disappeared from the public eye over the summer? She must have gone to that secret European prison in the Dark Knight Rises where Batman learned to be a badass again, because she is not playing anymore, hunty. Griffin has apparently taken a break from her current world tour to retreat to a dragon lair, feast on the blood of innocents, and spew out fire at Hollywood alpha gays Andy Cohen and TMZ boss Harvey Levin while systematically dismembering an Anderson Cooper voodoo doll.

Griffin released a YouTube video Saturday slamming Levin and her former Bravo boss Andy Cohen, claiming they “live to take women down” and that Levin “is very much in bed with … Donald Trump.” She even went as far as to give out Levin’s personal number and encourage fans to blow up his phone, as retaliation for Levin’s hateful coverage of her following her Trump controversy. We swear this isn’t just the plot to The Countess of Monte Cristo 2: When Griffins Learns to Fly.

While Griffin was constantly harassed by Trump supporters following Levin’s series of hit pieces on TMZ, we’re not convinced Griffin did the right thing by releasing his personal phone number. Still, we’re living for her reads of Andy Cohen.

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In response to Andy Cohen recently pulling a Mariah Carey and saying “I don’t know her” when asked about Griffin, Kathy put her former boss of ten years in his place. In a brutal takedown, she addressed Andy’s narcissism and drug use during their collaborations on My Life on the D List and Watch What Happens Live:

“I didn’t know Andy Cohen was on the red carpet, trying to be funny and asking questions on BravoTV.com,” she said. “I didn’t know when they ended The D List and I desperately wanted to do a talk show, Andy Cohen would be the first television executive in the history of television to give himself a talk show. Which seems to get picked up every season.”

She also added that on the two occasions when she was a guest on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, he offered her cocaine.

Cohen, for his part, has denied the allegations on Twitter, but Griffin has not been known to completely invent stories in the past. Plus, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that Cohen, who appears on all Real Housewives reunion specials in addition to Watch What Happens Live, is a broken, self-serving wannabe celebrity who settles for celeb gossip instead — like a reincarnated Hedda Hopper but without any semblance of wit or a fabulous hat collection.

Levin has not yet responded — likely because he’s busy fielding calls at the moment.

Here’s the Griffin takedown in its entirety:


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