Yas, Queen! ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Preview Wows CinemaCon

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The first trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, a.k.a. the Queen biopic, a.k.a. the Freddie Mercury movie, a.k.a. the movie that Bryan Singer was fired from because of his pesky sexual harassment, is now available for your viewing pleasure. Oh wait, nope. Excuse us. It’s only available for CinemaCon attendees’ viewing pleasure — not for plebeians like ourselves.

But that’s alright. We can still talk about it as if we were actually there and not just the garbage peasants that we are.

Rami channeling Freddie.

According to our eyewitness account (a.k.a. other media outlets’ eyewitness accounts) the footage from the trailer is insanely promising — and not at all representative of a movie which lost its director in the winter due to an embarrassing, prolonged national meltdown. Additionally, there is much hinting that the actual song “Bohemian Rhapsody” will play a large part in the narrative of the movie, which is great because we were actually concerned the movie producers had lost all of their rights to Queen’s music (because of, again, the director being an unmitigated disaster.)

Anyway, the movie will apparently hit all the right high notes (sorry) by focusing on Queen “finding their sound” in the wild ‘70s and on Mercury finding himself. There’s even some fun band history woven into the narrative, such as the time when the members of Queen almost didn’t choose Freddie Mercury as their frontman (lol.) OH, and Rami Malek looks hot AF as Mercury.

For his part, Malek revealed to the attendees of CinemaCon that he had second thoughts about portraying a queer music icon. “When I got this role, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this could be a career-defining performance,” he told the attendees of his Bohemian Rhapsody panel. “And then two minutes later I thought, ‘This could be a career killer.’” Well, with THAT attitude …

But in all honesty, he looks great and this will probably be great and fulfill all our wildest expectations.

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