NYTimes Hires, Then Fires Homophobic, Racist Writer Busted On Twitter

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Just a few months after running a sympathetic profile of a Nazi, The New York Times is further proving that it is trolling the entire country.

Shortly after the Times announced Tuesday that it had hired a writer named Quinn Norton to lead its opinion section on the “power, culture, and consequences of technology,” savvy Twitter users uncovered that Norton has a past of anti-Semitic and homophobic tendencies. (And by “savvy Twitter users,” we mean “Twitter users who spent two minutes on Norton’s public Twitter profile.)

And shortly after that, the New York Times fired her.

In addition to liberally throwing around the word “fag” as an insult — and as recently as 2014 — Norton had been known to unsparingly use the words “nigger” and “tard” in her online dealings. Truly the mark of a great wordsmith.

Oh, and she was friends with Nazis.

On October 2, 2014, she admitted to being friends with “various neo-nazis” in her time, and claimed they would never beat her up or kill her because she’s friendly towards them.

Obviously, this was all a joke, right?

Sort of. Shortly before news broke that the Times had decided not to hire her, a Times spokesperson told HuffPo, “We are very concerned about the tweets that are circulating today and are looking into the matter.”

So basically, the Times had no idea these tweets existed. But how?? As one Twitter user put it, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO THE NEW YORK TIMES?”

Why did The New York Times, of all publications, hire someone that hadn’t even been vetted on social media first? Actually, scratch that. How did the Times reach the decision to hire someone who was so dumb that she didn’t even delete all of her stupidest and most offensive tweets before applying to, uh, The New York Times?!?

This episode reminds us of a story from late 2017 where Gay Times hired, then ultimately canned, a new editor who had made vile racist, sexist, ageist comments on social media.


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