From Zayn With Love: Harry Styles Latest Celeb Floated As Next James Bond


A man/boy whose hair once hypnotized Taylor Swift might be the next James Bond?? And no, it’s not Tom Hiddleston — That we could handle. Nope, it’s fucking Harry Styles.

Before you storm the offices of Eon Productions, which produces the Bond films, you must know that this is all hearsay. There are not currently any plans to produce The Styles Who Loved Me, Quantum of Styles, or From Zayn with Love.  The rumor was started by a man named Lee Smith, who recently served as film editor on the Oscar-nominated Dunkirk.

“Harry could do it. If they wanted a younger Bond then why not? He has got it,” said Smith to the Daily Star this weekend. “Harry is really good and he can go all the way. He is an exceptional talent and a complete natural on camera.”

First of all, let’s remember that Smith is a film editor, and not, like, idk, a film director? His job, while inherently creative, is to make actors look better by cutting down their performances or picking out their best reactions. Considering Harry Styles barely says any words or registers as a physical presence at any point during Dunkirk, Smith couldn’t possibly have had enough to work with in order to form a solid opinion about Styles’ acting talent. And the rest of us, at least, aren’t convinced yet. Even if people haven’t seen Dunkirk, they just instinctively know that Styles doesn’t scream “gravitas” or “above 40,” which are both traits which we collectively value as a society.

Also, the idea of a film editor speaking on behalf of an entire movie is unrealistic — kind of like Steve Bannon pretending he’s still part of Republican Party decision-making. So let’s not freak out just yet.

But we are concerned that our top picks (see: Idris Elba, Tom Hardy) might age out of the role in the time it takes the next round of Bond movies to come out. But then again, Roger Moore starred in A View to a Kill when he was 57, so anything is possible. Elba himself has stated the time has come for a female Bond. We are def ready for that.

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