Rose McGowan Cancels Appearances After Confrontation With Trans Woman

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Remember when Googling “Rose McGowan + weird” only brought up that strange 2015 music video that featured her completely naked and covered in white wax? You may remember it as the video in which she waved her fingers through the air like someone in a K-Hole before trying on different costumes that belonged in the bottom 2 of a Dragula episode.

Well, now Googling “Rose McGowan + weird” gives you something entirely different. Now you’re directed to an interview she recently did with Stephen Colbert where she showed up in a jail-orange hoodie and told bizarre stories about the Bible, Canada, and “turning onto Courage Street.” It simultaneously made zero sense and all the sense.

And as of today, Googling “Rose McGowan + [pick a word]” will bring up an unfortunate exchange she recently had with a trans woman. During a recent Manhattan Barnes & Noble appearance to promote her book “Brave,” McGowan was confronted by a trans activist who dredged up past words from McGowan and accused her of not supporting the trans community.

At one point, McGowan chose a poor constellation of words to express her anger (“I’m not from your planet”), but overall, her reaction to the mostly unfair accusations from the activist was quite entertaining. (“You’re boring,” she intoned, as the activist was dragged, screaming, from the bookstore.)

And while the activist had a point that the overarching women’s rights movement should be more inclusive of trans women, the activist could have also selected a better target than McGowan, who has been an outspoken activist for queer and trans rights since before she was even on Charmed.

It also seems unfair that media outlets are considering McGowan’s recent public appearances to be part of a “meltdown” or “breakdown,” as she actually seems very articulate in this exchange, and even has the audience fully on her side. She could have been less antagonistic in her takedown of the activist, especially since she was coming from a place of power, but her self-defense has us sold.

Still, here’s hoping that McGowan learns to better articulate her progressive views, because she has an important message about power, sexism, and American culture to share, and a lot more people need to hear it.

As a result of the confrontational exchange, McGowan decided to end public appearances.

Check out the video for yourself here.

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