Another Injustice: Trump Steals ‘Breeder’ Term From The Gays


Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has inflicted nothing but sheer terror and brutality on the LGBTQ population. But now, he’s officially gone too far. Donald Trump is about to make it not OK for us to use the word “breeder.”

In another of his morning poop rants yesterday, Trump railed against immigrants in California by calling them “breeders,” a term that stokes immediate fear among racists who believe that immigrants want to take over the world via overpopulation. It also conjured images of dogs or rabbits reproducing blindly, which essentially meant that Trump was drawing a parallel between immigrants and animals. Um, hello, it’s only OK when we say that about straight people.

As readers may know, the term “breeder” has a long and rich history of being lobbed at straight people by queer people as a reminder of their one sole purpose in life — to reproduce blindly, like animals. But now that Trump is dirtying the word by associating it with racism, we may not even be allowed this small comfort anymore. First they came for our health care; we did nothing. Next they came for our jobs; we did nothing. But now that they’re coming for our minorly offensive terms usually reserved for straight people?? Queens, we must fight this!

Also, who the fuck is Trump to criticize someone for having too much sex? Should we count again how many times the man has been associated with sexual harassment, fathering useless children, and having an overactive penis? The man has a freaking love child, for Christ’s sakes.

Anyway, the term was part of a larger offensive rant that wrongly and ineptly claimed that California cities want out of “sanctuary laws.” This is true to some extent, such as in the v racist Orange Country, but otherwise false.

The full rant is here, if you feel like crying today.

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2 Responses to “Another Injustice: Trump Steals ‘Breeder’ Term From The Gays”

  1. Leah

    Hi, pansexual she/her they/them pronouns.
    No, it’s a shitty term that we, the LGBT+ should have never used in the first place because it’s beneath us and does have ROOTS in racism.

    Also it makes zero sense for the LGBT+ to use the word because bisexual, pan sexual, etc have the capability to have children. It’s just a shitty term and you should look honestly at yourself.

    I am telling you as a person who is a part of the LGBT+ community who has children and has been called a “ breeder “ by rude gay men on more than one occasion. ( just seeing me with my kids no father around no proof that I am straight) call me that hurtful name.

    So, no, do better.


  2. Emma

    Yeah, bisexual here. This term has always been, and always will be gross. You’re complaining about trump comparing immigrants to animals, but then turn around and do the same thing to the straights? Fucking hypocrite lmao. And like Leah said, this word is disgusting and has racist roots. So now we know that you’re a racist and like to compare people who aren’t like you to animals. Is this actually trump using a fake account? Or were you hired by him to make all of us in the community look like shit (like he wants us to look)? Like an undercover agent? This was lame, you’re lame, your racism is lame, trumps racism is lame, that fact that you both think it’s okay to call people different from you breeders abs equate them to animals is fucking gross and lame.