Anti-LGBTQ Bill Co-Sponsored By Cruz, Rubio Reintroduced In Senate


In yet another indication that the Republican Party is out of step with the majority of Americans, several of the party’s top senators are co-sponsoring an anti-same-sex marriage bill. The news comes less than a year after Pew Research Center reported that over two thirds of the country currently supports same-sex marriage.  

Sexually frustrated rich dudes (a.k.a. Republicans) Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are co-sponsoring the bill along with 22 other Republican senators. The bill, titled The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), supposedly protects those who believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and that “sexual relations outside marriage are improper.” That’s a yuuuuuuge LOL, considering the Republican President of the United States is currently being sued by a porn star he had a year-long affair with, while married to his third wife.

In any case, this dumbass bill is essentially the legislative version of Trixie Mattel being assigned the role “Sharon Frokovich” on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars this week. Even though Trixie (i.e. two thirds of America) wanted two very specific things (i.e. same-sex marriage and, er, same-sex marriage), Morgan McMichaels (i.e. the Republicans) assigned Trixie (i.e. the country) the role that literally no one in the room wanted (i.e. outdated marriage laws.)

And if it isn’t clear that FADA is 100% meant to discriminate against LGBTQ people, Senator Mike Lee (the original sponsor of the bill) said Thursday that FADA “ensures…federal bureaucrats will never have the authority to require those who believe in the traditional definition of marriage to choose between their living in accordance with those beliefs and maintaining their occupation or their tax status.”

Instead, those people “who believe in the traditional definition of marriage” will get to continue cheating on their wives with porn stars or chaining them to pipes in the kitchen and calling them “Mother,” while queer and trans people continue to lose their “occupation or tax status” due to the Republicans’ refusal to sponsor federal employment non-discrimination policies.  

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  1. spprotections

    I too love Trixie and Maze and Trixie together is the best! The “torture blind double date was pretty good. The Chloe Lucifer role reversal was fun even if it did seem like Chloe went a little too far for her character.