Netflix And Thrill: Obamas Negotiating Streaming Service Production Deal


Good news for anyone wondering where TF Obama is and why he hasn’t saved our country yet. (So … everyone.)

Reportedly, Baracky and Michelle are in “advanced negotiations” with Netflix to produce a series of shows that will once again provide them with a national platform. This is the greatest news we’ve gotten this year outside of Michelle announcing her memoir.

The former President has said he does not intend to address the actions of President Trump or conservative critics, which is fine with us. We get enough of that from Rickie at Sunday brunch. Honestly, we’d be satisfied with just thirty minutes of Barack Obama sitting in front of a fireplace and telling us that everything is going to be OK. Can we at least have that?

In fact, this New York Times report suggests that the Obamas will be using their platform to share inspirational stories, which we hope will include the time Baracky learned how to jetski against all odds. Actually, who are we kidding: Barack could probably just pick any one day out of his entire life and it would be inspirational.

Cut to: Obama, flipping through pictures on his phone: “And this is the day I saved a million Ebola-infected babies in Kazakhstan from a tsunami …”

Obama may also use his platform to discuss topics that dominated his presidency, such as health care, immigration, and climate change. You know, like David Letterman’s new Netflix series, except changing the world.  

Netflix would be an appealing platform for any content creator, but Obama already has unfiltered access to over 101 million Twitter followers, as well as the 55 million who have liked his Facebook page.

Hopefully, the deal will also give the Obamas a boatload of cash so that they can stop more tsunamis and pay for Sasha and Malia’s Harvard grad school programs or whatever. Then, who knows? Maybe one of them will be President one day!!

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