Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Pastor Opens U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem


Yesterday’s opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem has been a shitstorm of massive proportions, on multiple levels. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the White House is now pretending like its latest Embassy-related fuck-up just didn’t even happen.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah is saying the White House officially has no idea how two anti-Semitic pastors were invited to Monday’s opening of the U.S. Embassy. Uh, what? Maybe they weren’t actually invited then? Maybe Jared Kushner was the bouncer, but he still let uninvited guests into the party because of his deadly fear of confrontation?

Prior to Monday, Robert Jeffress, one of the two pastors “invited” to Monday’s event, was best known for declaring that all practitioners of religions other than his — including Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, and Jews — would one day go to hell. As for his fellow pastor at the event, John Hagee, he once said that Hitler was fulfilling God’s will when he slaughtered Jews. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jeffress has called homosexuality “an abomination” and “a degenerative practice.”

That’s not even to mention the administration’s first mistake, i.e., the decision to open the Embassy in the first place, despite resounding protests from countries across the globe. And it wasn’t just U.S. allies that protested. The list of angry countries included Russia, China, and a host of Middle Eastern countries, in addition to, of course, traditional allies such as Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. Still, President Trump chose to interpret this not as a sign that his decision was being universally panned by people he should be getting along with, but as a brazen act of defiance from big meanies who had a personal vendetta against him.

“And this time, don’t say ‘cheese.” Say ‘complicit.'”

Needless to say, the opening of the Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday led to the deadliest single day of violence in the region since 2014. Sadly, over 2,700 Palestinian demonstrators were injured and over 60 were killed — including children — all while speaker Ivanka Trump smiled blankly, opened the embassy as though she were unveiling a jet-ski on “The Price is Right.”

But sure, let’s just accept at face value that the White House is claiming no fault in opening up an Embassy that symbolically antagonizes Palestinians, alongside two horrifically bigoted pastors. Nothing to see here.

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