Killer Queen: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Trailer Downplays Mercury’s Gayness

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There’s a lot going on in the new teaser trailer for the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody — but it seems to be missing one thing. As for what that thing is, though, we’re not totally sure. We can’t quite place a finger in it …

Oh, right. Gayness. The trailer is missing gayness.

The trailer includes a lot of titillating shots. There’s Mercury singing orgasmically, Mercury getting in random fights, Mercury taking off his shirt, and — at one point — a close-up of a pussy…cat. (We’re not sure why the cat is walking across a keyboard, but whatever.) However, there are also hints of a hetero romance popping up in the film — in the form of Lucy Boynton – whom Rami Malek is reportedly dating IRL.

As a phantasmagorical mashup of Queen tunes plays over the beginning of the trailer, we see a hot AF Malek make eyes with Boynton. But then we only get a flash of man-on-man action at 0:32, and no hints of a longer gay relationship in the film. However, Boynton is reportedly playing Mary Austin, a.k.a. Mercury’s first partner before coming out as gay, so we may just be seeing the early stages of a doomed relationship.

Thus, we’re more inclined to believe that this trailer is not so much pinkwashing as it is pinkteasing, and that the movie is actually going to be one long gay orgy after Mercury and Austin break up. Or maybe we’re just being optimistic? Probably that.

In any case, the trailer also features our favorite trope of mercurial music biopics: Dramatically knocking things off tables. In fact, there’s probably more shots of Mercury physically assaulting things than shots of him being gay. 

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Hoping a later trailer, and the subsequent film, show Mercury as the complex, queer showman he was. If we don’t see him in drag filming the “I Want To Break Free” video we will demand our money back.

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