Cate, Capers, Creepy Kids, More: Your Flagrant June Movie Preview


The Summer movie season is in full swing, and there are more options in June other than just hoping Chris Pratt gets eaten by a dinosaur. Here’s the 411:


Ocean’s 8, a.k.a. Women Steal Things Better

June 8 — This much-awaited womanly Ocean’s update boasts a fabulous premise (an attempted heist at the Met Gala) and an all-star cast. In addition to Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, there’s Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, and someone named Awkwafina. (Note: We are referring to an actual actress — not the talking dolphin from Bojack Horseman.) Judging by the newest trailer, it looks like slick fun.


Hereditary, a.k.a. Muriel’s Personality Disorder   

June 8 — Toni Collette is back in this supernatural horror thriller about a dysfunctional family and a psychopathic little girl. According to the film’s creepy af trailers, it features telekinesis, dead animals, a bug-covered corpse, a body being sucked into a treehouse, and a murdery version of Barbie’s Dreamhouse. Oh, and a lot of tongue popping.


Hearts Beat Loud, a.k.a. Bring Your Daughter to Werk Day

June 8 — This is about a dad (Nick Offerman) reconnecting with his gay daughter (Kiersey Clemons) through music! What’s not to love?? Oh, and there’s Toni Collette again.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, a.k.a. We Really Need a Mr. Rogers Movie Right Now   

June 8 — Fred Rogers, the cardigan-wearing, sneaker-sporting TV host who changed children’s lives and subtly educated America, is finally getting his due. In this doc, the face and heart of the long-lived program Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is presented as a subversive iconoclast who heroically tackled topics such as death, divorce, and racism — all while wearing a smile. We could really use this right now. Even the trailer is bringing us to tears.



Incredibles 2, a.k.a. Mrs. Incredible Pulls a Beyonce

June 15 — Incredibles 2 has all the characters we loved from the first Incredibles — including the fabulously cranky Edna Mode — but with a new twist: Mrs. Incredible has gone solo. Now she’s the one doing the saving, while the hunky Mr. Incredible is stuck at home with the kids. We can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a.k.a. Jurassic Park 47

June 22 — We may have hit Jurassic Fatigue. Dinosaurs are cool, but isn’t Chris Pratt a Republican now? Also, we’re a little suspicious about how this movie — which begins with a spectacular volcanic eruption — is coming out just as Kilauea is exploding all over Hawaii. The timing is a little too perfect, if you ask us. Now, did the marketing team behind Jurassic World 2 purposely tamper with the Earth’s tectonic plates in order to cause a devastating eruption just as their movie was coming out? We’re not saying no.


Under the Silver Lake, a.k.a. The Da Vinci Ho

June 22 — After the love of his life goes missing, Sam (Andrew Garfield) finds a strange symbol in her apartment that leads him on a journey involving pop culture references, secret patterns, uncrackable codes, hidden meanings, a woman dressed like Frida Kahlo, a Game of Throne-esque wall of faces, a wizard, billionaires, celebrities, a creepy laughing old man, Riki Lindhome, and the titular Silver Lake. Or Sam is just paranoid. In any case, it’s coming from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell, so it’s probably good.



Ideal Home, a.k.a. Children Are Annoying and Should Be Caged

June 29 — This movie looks like trash. The two gay men at the center are portrayed as immature, rather than career-focused, for not wanting or having children, and the bitchy gay men are also played by straight men (Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan.) There’s also femme-shaming. That being said, Paul Rudd looks great in a beard, and the movie at least has a gay spin on the “two and a half men” trope. Props to the copywriter who came up with the double-entendre tagline for the films poster: “These Dads Suck.” But the movie still looks trash. 


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