Channing Tatum Announces ‘Magic Mike’ Musical Hitting Stage Soon

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According to an announcement made by Channing Tatum on Britain’s Got Talent, Magic Mike Live is headed to the Hippodrome Casino in London this November. In other news, Queen Elizabeth just purchased oversized sunglasses, a trench coat, and a booth at the Hippodrome Casino. (She requested a vibrating seat, but the establishment denied her request.)

If you haven’t heard of Magic Mike Live, which has previously only appeared in workshops and staged readings, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. It’s basically an excuse for respectable middle-aged ladies to watch a live male strip show without calling it that. After all, it has music and a tenuous connection to Steven Soderbergh, so it’s, like, art. (If you ask us, it’s a Chippendales show with less character development.)

It’s also a prequel to the male stripper drama Magic Mike, which means it nominally tells the early story of Magic Mike and the Club Domina. So basically, it won’t be about Matthew McConaughey teaching half-naked men how to grind on a pole. It’ll be about someone teaching Matthew McConaughey how to teach half-naked men how to grind on a pole. We’re finally getting the full story.  

However, according to lyricist Brian Yorkey, “there’s an awful lot of beefcake, but [the musical] also has heart,” so attendees may want to pack a tissue next to their vibrators. Plus, act two apparently focuses on Mike’s girlfriend and her sorority sisters, so there might actually be some material that appeals to straight guys seeing Magic Mike because of their girlfriends.

Could Magic Mike see a Tony nomination in its future? … is a question we never thought we’d be asking ourselves. And yet, here we are. Perhaps a musical based on Channing Tatum’s humble origins as an incredibly sexy male stripper is what our world needs right now.

What else is Tatum up to? His on-again-off-again attempt to launch the X-Men spinoff Gambit appears to be back on. According to producer Simon Kinberg, the movie may start shooting this Summer. It’s currently on the Fox release schedule for June 2019.

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