China Banned From Airing Eurovision After Censoring Gay Themed Performance


Try as it may, China just can’t seem to successfully censor gay things.

Only a month after failing to ban LGBTQ content from its social media platform Weibo, China has been prevented from streaming the final of the Eurovision Song Contest because one of its local networks censored a semifinal performance that featured two men holding hands.

“[The network’s actions] were not in line with the E.B.U.’s values of universality and inclusivity and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music,” announced the European Broadcasting Union (E.B.U.) in a statement.

And just like that, the censor became the censored.

In addition to censoring the Irish performance by Ryan O’Shaughnessy of the beautiful ballad, “Together,” the local network in question, Mango TV, also blurred an image of a rainbow flag, as if it were a shocking graphic image akin to two men having passionate butt sex.

In other news, Mango TV also attracted Internet ire recently for blurring a tattoo on a singer’s right arm — so it seems that China is now just blurring everything that your 99-year-old grandma doesn’t like. Also: No tattoos or gay men? Well, there goes Mango TV’s planned coverage of the Folsom Street Fair.

But if a Big Brother censors a gay man on TV and everyone still finds out about it, was it ever really censored? Seriously, China needs to step up their Big Brother game, because this is starting to get a little embarrassing. Like, do you even censor, bro?

Like, we know people in China probably aren’t allowed to read books like 1984, but the homophobic higher-ups could probably learn a thing or two from it if they want to make a serious attempt at oppressing their citizens. Honestly, this is some bush league shit.

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