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‘Desert Island Downloads’ With Drag Clown Love Connie

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The altered-ego of actor John Cantwell, Love Connie is a cyclone of 70s and 80s film, music, theatre references. Her live shows are multi-media drag extravaganza dance comedy jams, aggressively choreographed tributes to pop gods, scream queens and camp/cult film/tv shows. In a world of forgettable, lip-synching automatons, there is no one like Connie. Body hair? Check. Tuck? Connie couldn’t give a f#@k. Her recent appearance on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” brought her insanity to a much wider audience. Clad in a neon Flashdance meets Solid Gold lewk, she attempted to whip the queens in shape with her “Galisthenics” aerobic twerk-out. She came through like Jane Fonda after a Tab enema.

In 2001, Cantwell appeared in the smash hit Legally Blonde as the “Oh my god. The bend and snap works every time” hair stylist kween Maurice. We LOLed over Cantwell when he was part of the insane comedy troupe, “The Nellie Olesons.” He’s appeared in music videos for Alaska Thunderfuck, ShyBoy and more. What’s next for Cantwell/Connie? Look for “Connie-Wood” coming soon to WOWPresents Plus.

But we digress. Here’s the “Desert Island Downloads” premise: You agreed to accompany your Uncle Harold on a gay cruise. Three days out, the S.S. Midler capsizes after being slammed by a tsunami. Hours later, you hit sand, face-down, ass-up, clutching a chunk of driftwood AND your Sex on the Beach cocktail. Days go by without any human contact. Suddenly, your cell phone lights up with a strong signal and full charge. Don’t ask. You have just enough time to download 10 films, music videos, albums, ebooks, TV shows or pornos. What would YOU choose? Here is what Love Connie, would download on that deserted island:



Freaks and Geeks

Solid Gold



The Poseidon Adventure


Blue Velvet



Blondie’s “Eat to the Beat” and “Pollinator”















Sondra Locke “The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly”

Julia Phillips “You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again”


(Connie portrait by Fernando Guerrero.)

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