First Look: Trailer, Poster For Almodovar’s Reunion With Banderas, Cruz

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Fans of filmmaker Pedro Almodovar and superstars Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas rejoice! The latest, much-anticipated cinematic collabo between the trio will be unspooling soon, in Spain at least. The trailer and poster for Dolor y Gloria aka Pain & Glory, have finally arrived.

The official synopsis describes the film concerning, “first loves, second loves, the mother, mortality, an actor with whom the director worked, the ’60s, the ’80s, current times, and the emptiness, a sense of incommensurate emptiness, caused by the inability to go on making films.” Ummm, ok. Almodovar stated the film recounts, “a series of meetings, some physical, others remembered decades later, of a filmmaker now in his twilight years.” The trailer feels a bit like Fellini’s 8 ½ crossed with Almodovar’s Bad Education, with Banderas assuming the Pedro-esque role of queer filmmaker.

dolor y gloria

Surely these sausages figure prominently in the plot. Pedro y Penelope on the set of “Dolor Y Gloria.”

The three principles last worked together in 2013 on the slight and silly I’m So Excited. Banderas and Cruz have appeared in films for Almodovar throughout their careers. Cruz had a small role in Live Flesh, a much more substantial, pivotal role in All About My Mother and was Oscar-nominated for her starring role in Volver. Banderas made his first appearance in a Pedro film in 1982s insane farce, Labyrinth of Passion. But it wasn’t until his co-starring roles as the possessive lover of both Carmen Maura (in a groundbreaking trans role) and Eusebio Poncela in Law of Desire and the following year’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown that he was catapulted into worldwide fame. He later starred in Almodovar’s Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, and the critically acclaimed The Skin I Live In. It’s great to see the incredibly talented actor working again with a world-class director. Far too often lately, Banderas has been taking a paycheck for straight-to-DVD/VOD/iTunes action dross.

dolor y gloria poster

Ugh! We’re hoping this is artless mess is a teaser poster.

We’re hoping the latest from Almodovar feels more like Talk to Her and All About My Mother and less like the turgid melodrama of Julieta.

Distributor Sony has yet to schedule a North American release date for the film, which also co-stars longtime Pedro muse Julieta Serrano and Asier Etxeandia. The film opens in Spain on March 22.

The less said about the poster the better. BUT, we are very disappointed with this artwork. The one-sheets for Almodovar’s films over the years have been vibrant and iconic. This one is an instantly forgettable collage.

Check out the trailer below.

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