Drag Queens Join Protest Against Trump London Visit

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Trump has now cancelled several planned trips to London due to the numerous protests that were promised to greet him upon his arrival — but if he finally makes the trip this summer, as planned, then he might face the protest to end all protests.

The Orange Man, who is famous for his extreme, crippling sensitivity to any remotely negative thing said about him, is planning to swim across the pond on July 13, despite the apparent threat of thousands of “drag kings, queens, queers and allies” protesting his arrival at a “carnival of resistance.” Clearly, Trump is making a grave error here. Like, doesn’t he realize that he should be MORE scared of a drag protest than a regular protest? Like, doesn’t he know that drag queens are 1000 times more withering than the rest of their species?

Actually, Trump is probably so stupid and ignorant that he won’t even fully grasp that he’s encountering drag queens. He’ll probably assume that all of the drag queens protesting him are just bio women marching in an offshoot of the Women’s March, at which point he’ll comment on their “beautiful, very fit figures” and insist that they’ll make “great wives.” Then he’ll grab them by the pussy and be surprised.zuxcdjfwpc

Cheddar Gorgeous, one of the event’s organizers, wrote in an op-ed that the protest is in response to Trump reneging on his campaign promise to be “gay friendly.” (You may recall the homemade rainbow flag Trump proudly held up on the campaign trail which appeared to have “LGBTs for Trump” written on it by his son Barron.)

However, the drag protest is not the only protest that will greet Trump in July, in case the 70-year-old infant actually decides to fly to London. He will also face a regular old mainstream protest called “Protest Trump’s visit,” at which over 43,000 people will say mean things to him and make him want to go running home early.

And what did the mayor of London have to say about this? Well, he basically just tweeted out: “Come at me, bro.”

On top of all this, Trump-as-Queen-Elizabeth memes have exploded all over social media.

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