Femmes Are Strong As Hell: ‘Unbreakable,’ Unapologetic Tituss Burgess

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Tituss Burgess may have just pulled a Mean Girls and accused Tina Fey of being a drug pusher.

In an interview about season four of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (the first half of which is out today), Burgess speculated on Fey’s zen attitude to her role as exec producer on Schmidt.

“I never heard, not once, an ill word out of her mouth about anybody. I don’t know how she does that,” he told The Daily Beast. “I need the number for the doctor who prescribed whatever it is that she’s taking.”

Put it in the Burn Book, Tituss!

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He also waxed poetic on his groundbreaking performance as the unapologetically femme black man Titus Andromedon, a role that has won him three consecutive Emmy nominations.

“The sight of him speaks to, ‘Oh my God, we haven’t seen a ‘him,’ while we’ve come so far,’” he said. “But also the sight of him speaks to ‘Oh my God, we haven’t seen a ‘him.’ We have so far to go.’ Because it should not be a shock. It shouldn’t be ‘oh, we haven’t seen a ‘him.’”

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Tituss sure has come a long way since the days when he was living in his old Manhattan apartment, a filth bucket between 8th and 9th Avenue on 47th Street. He’s even gotten more wise, as evidenced by this very gracious quote about saying goodbye to Kimmy Schmidt, which ends after this season.  

“I’m not one to harp on the mourning process,” he said. “I can let go of things and still be happy for what I had. So I was surprised to hear [the news], but sadness is not something that I felt.”

That quote is proof that femmes are strong as hell, or at least that queer men are among the wisest living creatures of our planet.

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But, then again, he also let his slip that his time on Schmidt has taught him how to deal with “difficult actors,” which naturally raises some questions, such as, “Is Ellie Kemper a narcissistic psychobitch?” J/k, we know he’s probably just talking about some extra who thought she was Meryl Streep.

We just hope it’s not Jane Krakowski, whose character Jacqueline White will be working with Titus to jumpstart his acting career in season four. Apparently, the pair will be launching a talent agency called White Talent, which is also coincidentally the name of the agency that staffs Fox News.

In any case, the second half of the fourth season will debut before the end of the year — after which the show will wrap up with a movie written by Fey and her Schmidt co-creator Robert Carlock.  

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