First Look: Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump Series ‘Our Cartoon President’


There’s no shortage of comedy series currently making fun of President Trump, but Our Cartoon President might be your next go-to source for Trump-related catharsis. Executive produced by Stephen Colbert, Our Cartoon President forgoes the quirky empathy characterized by series like The President Show, and aims straight for the jugular.

In this version of The White House, Trump is now voiced by Jeff Bergman, a.k.a. the man who has voiced Bugs Bunny since 1989. This version of Trump also watches TV for hours on end before spending all his Cabinet meetings reminding everyone about how he won the presidency. Wait, what do we mean “this version” of Trump? This is literally the real thing.

While we’re not totally on board with the decision to give Eric Trump what is essentially a cleft palate (thus associating a pervasive birth defect in the developing world with stupidity), we are LOL’ing at his voice. It sounds like the voice actor playing him is a cross between Amy Poehler and a hyperactive middle schooler.

We also love how Sarah Suckabee Sanders looks like a drag queen who’s angry because he didn’t have time to beat his face this morning. (Check Sanders out on the right side of the screen at 0:22. She’s sitting next to Jeff Sessions, who looks remarkably like a Keebler Elf.)

The show will focus on interpersonal relationships in the White House, so there will probably be a whole episode about Jeff Sessions sharing Sunday Funday with his elf friends in the North Pole before making shoes for everyone in the White House.

However, the show will stay away from Tiffany, Barron, decapitation jokes (we’re guessing), and from whatever that high schooler did to get blocked by trump on Twitter last year. (P.S. – Why does no one talk about that anymore??)

The series debuts February 11 on Showtime.



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