Male Sex Robots Are Coming Soon To Steal Your Man

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Hallelujah! Finally, sex robots, even male ones WITH BIONIC PENISES, will soon be available. Realbotix, based in the THC-legal state of California, is the company that aims to give us another option when we are lonely for another human being and their non-bionic cock.

Matt McMullen, the founder of Realbotix, has developed an artificial intelligence app called Harmony (not eHarmony) and incorporated it into the bionic robot to control the brain. The app lets users direct the robot to act (choose up to 10 different characteristics) and speak (in accents if you wish!) in any way that grants the human customer physical gratification. The lifelike robots could very well replace the more old-fashioned dildos and vibrators as the preferred manner for masturbation

Harmony the app is capable of learning about the customer, even “remembering” their peccadillos for repeated satisfaction. The future looks interesting! However, only robots with female physiques are available right this very second, but demand for male and female versions have McMullen and his crew busy tinkering in the Realbotix laboratory.

Once an investment is made on a robot, the customer will plug in the new “companion,” allowing the cyborg to “go” as long and hard as the customer wants. According to the Realbotix website, robots “will have hyper-realistic features, warmth, and sensors that react to touch.”

Various robot prototypes are in the works, all shapes, sizes, complexions: glimpses of female versions hint at panty-clad Vampira and Sofia Vergara types, and works in progress show facial features like Lindsay Lohan and Lorde. Pecs, six packs and muscles for miles feature prominently on the male robot exteriors under construction, with faces that seem to pay homage to retired Yankees shortstop and reputed lothario Derek Jeter, Brit actor Tom Hiddleston and his freckles, and an amalgam of Twilight film franchise hunks. Robots can be customized, and the Robotic Head System will allow human customers to swap out the face!

If this prospect sounds like perfection, check out the Realbotix website to plan and create your ideal bionic mate.

Here’s Oscar Isaac getting down with a robot in an amazingly WTF moment from the film Ex Machina. Please let us know when the Oscar Isaac bot is ready.


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